Who I Am

My name is David Moyer, and I am seeking a seat that is vacated by Bob Mensch who is currently a Senator in the General Assembly District 24 [Bob is retiring]. This covers 14 townships, boroughs in Berks country and 25 in Montgomery county. I am a lifelong resident of Berks county, along with my wife. I am currently an equipment operator for 24 years and a former business owner. I am also a father of two great daughters and a grandfather of three granddaughters.

My experience as Washington Township supervisor will be an asset to this seat. I have experience in working budgets and completing the everyday tasks. I also served on the planning commission board for four years. I have experience with state officials as well as working with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). I worked hard to bring our sewer debt down by over $5 million during my tenure as well as decreasing the quarterly payments.


• PA First

It is high time that we start looking at the local level of business and bring high paying jobs back to PA, locally and state wide.

• Election Integrity

The process of election is defined by the states not the federal government. We need to make sure our voters know that fraud will not be tolerated and our elections will run with integrity.

• Pro-Life

A firm supporter of RIGHT TO LIFE.

• Wake up DEP

Help our business people receive a timely response for issues that are held up and that plague their businesses.

• Stop Wasteful Spending

• Accountability

Many Programs exist to help PA. Where does all the money go? I.e. PA Lottery, casino money, etc.

• Constitution

I will defend our rights and will not pass or vote on any bill that does not benefit the people of PA.

• Education

  • Fight to KEEP CRT OUT of our schools
  • Fight for SCHOOL CHOICE and the parent’s right to have a say in where their child is educated.

These are just two of many other issues that are just as important.